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Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Number – Hello guys, I am Betty. I am a bold, sweet sugar mama living LA, USA. I recently coincidentally found this sugar mummy website on the internet while searching for a strong younger man that can handle me well. So I decided to send a message to this website admin to share my personal details with the Admin. Am glad with the response I got from the admin promising me I will get a strong, handsome sugar boy here on this website.

Brief details about me which might make you have interest in me. I am 33 years old, single mother of a beautiful daughter. I am not super rich but I can change your life because my husband left me some property that I am in charge, also I have a Landscaping business am running in LA, TX and CA. So with this I say comfortable, I mean very comfortable because I worked for my money  and after working for a while I do go on vacations to ease off the stress I face during work, I hope we will go on a vacation together. In short, I am a beautiful sugar mummy who need a sugar boy to date.

For personal and security reasons, it will be WhatsApp dating for now. Which means I will not allow you in my home until I am perfectly convinced you are the best for me. One has to be careful these days as I have a little daughter at home. You have nothing to worry, by the way, we will do chats, video calls and will surely take care of you and send you money once in a while. Even give you connections if you’re into a business before, and let me tell you this “I love to spoil young strong sugar boy like you

But I will be happy if you can be faithful to me, if you impress me with your personalities I will come to whatever you’re living and bring you back to Los Angeles  to live with me. If you date me you will never lake.


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